Swedish Online Casino – Helping You to Gamble Better

There are many types of gambling to be found online and for Swedish players, the opportunities to experience them all within a single online casino are abundant. Here we discuss the Swedish gaming license that opens the doors to this world of betting and to give you the facts on the service. We have sourced the following information from Nordic Gambling which is the only legal firm established in several Nordic countries that specialises in gambling-related law such as licensing, compliance advice and public affairs. Maria McDonald put together a well-written article about Swedish Gambling Laws and regulations which is posted on the ICLG website iclg.com/practice-areas/gambling-laws-and-regulations/sweden.

The world of gambling in Sweden

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When it comes to gambling online, the Swedish model, in terms of laws and regulations, is very much like that of the UK model. Players are protected to use both any casino with a Swedish license and any casino without a Swedish license. When looking at the "spelinspektionen", there are essentially two governing laws that help make this happen. You firstly have the national regulation which is run by the Swedish Gambling Authority and then you have though that fall under the jurisdiction of EU regulations that encompass the Swedish gaming legislation. This means, that not only can Swedish players join casinos registered in Sweden, but also further out into other EU countries.

There are indeed many internet gambling companies in this market and finding the right steppingstone to begin would give any new player an overwhelming sense of choice. There is much choice and it is mainly through advertising and the lure of a free gamblers bonus that becomes the deciding factor for a new player to pick their first casino online.

Picking the right online casino in both Sweden and globally

When faced with numerous options, one thing can help assist you to make a decision and that is through the use of independent reviews. Sites like www.casinoutalicens.com are made to give an unbiased opinion on the features and services of online casinos that are open to the Swedish markets. When it comes to finding secure and licensed gambling online, these comparison sites become the spoken truth for unsure players.

The first perk of playing online in casinos outside of Sweden is that you keep what you win, with no tax on winnings. What follows this is a wider choice of games that are on the market. Not every casino is the same, where one may only provide a score of slot machine titles, others go further in securing players with live dealer games and sports betting features.

Players can indeed opt to join more than one online casino, there is no rule saying you cannot and for many players in their first 6 months of playing online will, on average, register with 4 to 6 casinos to find and settle with the more they are more comfortable with.

Joining an online casino is fast and simple

When you begin looking at an online casino, the first thing to note is the games you wish to play. Find a site that can tailor to your needs. Then be sure that the casino’s banking options accept the krona currency and that you have suitable banking services to be able to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

Next, look at the promotions and judge which casino is going to be more rewarding over the long term, rather than settling with a casino that offers one big reward and nothing much less after.

When you register, you will be asked for your full name and username. You will provide an email address, date of birth and residential address details. Members are to provide a copy of their I.D and proof of address from a bill or bank statement. These last two requests are there to help the casino tackle fraud accounts and money laundering.

The process of registering takes no more than 2 minutes and up to 10 minutes for your account to be approved. Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email to activate your account and begin playing. This is the same for both casinos based in Sweden and across the rest of the world that you have access too.